How to generate 3D photos of Holi using Bing AI image creator 2024

Holi is Festival of Colors and is one of the Popular and Prominent Festival across India. it celebrates the eternal and divine love of the deities Radha and Krishna. it is the festival of colors. Additionally, Victory of Good over Devils.

Today I will share you some of the Holi ai Prompts which will help you to create your own Pictures with Lord Krishna. You can use these Prompts with the help of Bing Ai. So, let’s get Started.

Click here to Create Image: https://www.bing.com/images/create

Here are some of the prompts that can be used to generate 3D Holi images on Bing AI Image Creator:

For Boys:

Create a realistic image in which, a realistic 18 year old boy and Lord Krishna are both playing Holi with each other, the boy is wearing colorful white kurta pajama with his name “Your Name” written in bold on it, both are smiling The environment is colorful, the words ” Happy Holi is written at top sky, the background is of a temple, the image is realistic, make sure Name should be visible and correct.

For Girls:

create a high quality realistic 3d image, where a 20 year old smiling Girl playing Holi holding watergun and splashing color water enjoying ,wearing yellow Gown on which Name”Girl Name“is written in bold letters. In the background, there are many people and children playing Holi with enthusiasm, Holi like environment around, image with 4k resolution, ultra realistic image, the words “Happy Holi” is written with color letters at top sky.

For Couples:

create a 3d image where a 20-year-old couple are joyfully playing Holi, boy splashing color water on girl bady by watergun ,vibrant colors splashed across their clothes. Both are wearing T-shirts with their names, “Boy Name” on the boy’s T-shirt and “Girl Name” on the girl’s T-shirt. the words “Happy Holi” are written in bold letters at top sky, In the background many children can be seen joining in the festivities laughing and playing with water balloons, Name must be visible.


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